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"Having had a number of massages with Kate, I can say that she is mindful, intuitive and precise. She knows when an area is tender and in need of gentleness, and also knows when to apply gradual pressure for tighter spots. I cherish my time on Kate's massage table as she is one of most talented massage therapists around." ~ Amy K. 

"I love Kate's work! I always leave her massages feeling refreshed and renewed. Kate is very skilled! And compassionate. She's a fantastic massage therapist." ~ Michelle R.

"Kate has been treating both my husband and me with massage therapy for the past 5-6 months.  She came as a recommendation from a friend.  Initially we were both looking for a monthly masseuse who we could go to for relaxation and general massage.  After our first appointments, we both raved about how much relief we felt.  The tension was released and general level of stress, gone.Since that visit, we returned on a frequent basis, focusing also on areas of pain. Specifically, Kate has worked on my hip, which I had initially thought was a lower back problem.  Kate has a wealth of knowledge about each muscle, nerve and tendon in the body.  She has taught me about, and worked with, muscles in my body that I didn't even know existed, let alone, were causing me pain.  I have felt tremendous relief, and have learned techniques and Exercises to help strengthen my hips.  In addition, Kate suggested vitamins I could take that may help.  My husband and I both highly recommend Kate.  She is a kind and knowledgeable therapist.  Her office is inviting and relaxing, and models her passion for massage therapy." ~ Liz F.

"I've had many massages in the past but nothing compares to the massage I experience from Kate. She is both professional and knowledgeable and her room at Eastside Wellness exudes a peaceful Zen feel.  I experience complete relaxation and calm after meeting with Kate and have referred family and friends." ~ Joyce M.
""Treat your body like a temple" so the saying goes.  Although I'd heard it many times and thought I understood it, I'd never truly realized why or how it's important.  Of course, there's many ways to do that:  Eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, exercising, and even taking care of your emotional health too.  As a former dancer and horseback rider and competitor, I learned to ignore pain, until I just didn't notice it, or more likely just tuned out the awareness.  Until, I started seeing Kate Bogdanoff for regular massage sessions.  Wow, I never knew that massage could actually make pain go away, and even pain I hadn't been aware of until it was gone.  I've had massage with other people before, but never had the experience I did with Kate.  Kate's massage sessions addressed so many issues regarding taking care of myself all in one - relaxation and relief from stress, pain, making sleep easier and better, increased self-awareness, and an overall sense of well-being, calm and contentment.  Plus, it was so nice that we had a lot in common and had some great conversations, and she was patient and laughed with me about my idiosyncrasies rather than at me.  What a wonderful gift to give yourself on your journey to "treating your body like a temple."  It's so wonderful when you find the right people to help you with your goals in life." ~ Becky T.
"Kate is very professional and she makes you feel very comfortable. She really knows what she is doing and will focus on any part of your body that is bothering you. My body feels amazing after she works on me. I would highly recommend her for a massage!" ~ Lauren L. 

 "For the past eight years I have been having regular massage therapy. I felt good afterwards and would have continued my visits had my therapist not moved out of state. I knew I needed to find someone else and was very happy to learn that my good friends daughter had moved back to New York and would begin her massage therapy practice in Fairport. I set up an appointment and went for my first session with Kate. For the first time in my life I felt I had received a HEALING massage. I felt cleansed. Truly exceptional experience. So happy to have found my new therapist!" ~ Bonnie Bartell

"Since receiving massage from Kate, my posture has improved and I no longer have upper shoulder/neck pain. Kate is very experienced with her work, and she quickly pinpoints areas of need. It amazed me that after only one session, I felt so much better!!! I have never had such a positive massage experience as I've had with Kate. I will be back again and again!!" ~ Michele C. 

"I have received 3 (so far) massages from Kate Bogdanoff and I am so glad I found her!!! I used to go to a national chain massage company, but it was impersonal and all business like.. they kept trying to get me to “buy more massages” and extra services. I wanted a place that I could go and feel like that person cares about me as a whole not just my money. Kate is that person. She listens to my issues and we talk about what is stressing me out and how it is effecting me and then we spend an hour with her “un-knotting” my back and stress points. It is amazing, but I find myself falling asleep quite often even with her unstressing a hard knot. When I am finished with the massage, she lets me choose if I want to schedule another, with no high pressure “sales pitch.” I can’t wait for my next massage…" ~ Teresa W.


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