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Sacred Root Medicinals is the culmination of years of studies, formulating, and love.

In 2006, after briefly learning about essential oils in massage school two years prior, Kate completed a 250- hour Aromatherapy Certification course.  At the Aromahead Institute, she learned the chemical make-up of essential oils, why chemistry is important, proper blending techniques, safety (and safe use) of chemical properties found in each oil, and much more.  The Aromahead Institute is recognized by NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy).  

For many years following, Kate retained a small side business - in addition to massage therapy- called Aromaworx.  Aromaworx specialized in the therapies of dis-ease and illness, as well as natural soaps and beauty products.  Kate turned her entire home and personal life into clean, chemical-free living- Making everything from toothpaste to laundry detergent and everything in between.

Kate took a break from Aromaworx when she returned to school to finish her Bachelor of Health Science Degree.  During that time she had a small private massage practice named Sacred Root Massage.

In 2017, after completing an Herbal Apprenticeship program, Kate wanted to combine herbal medicine with her essential oil knowledge.  Herbs can be a more subtle application than essential oils, and many times can be used more frequently and freely.

With notable misinformation out there regarding the use of essential oils, in addition to the resurgence of natural living, Kate felt a strong sense of enthusiasm for breathing new life into an old business. She incorporated all previous modalities and re-established her business as Sacred Root Massage & Medicinals. Kate wishes for Sacred Root Medicinals to be not only a source to purchase handmade herbal and essential oil remedies, but to be a resource for proper education of using these products effectively.

Sacred Root Medicinals carries bulk herbs for tea blends, specially crafted tea blends, essential oils, tinctures, local high CBD hemp products, healing salves, and other health and body care items.  Kate can provide custom blends and products to meet your individual needs.

Incorporating medicinal herbs and essential oils into your daily life can benefit all systems of the body and may improve overall quality of life.

Sacred Root Medicinals and Massage has an online store where you can purchase products and gift certificates.  Essential oils purchased on the website must be picked up in person.  They cannot be shipped.  The online site is supported through Square Credit Card processing, a program used and trusted by Kate for many years.

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